28 February 2015

Five favourite | nude lipsticks...

I never used to be into nude lipsticks. I was a definite, 'if you're gonna buy a lipstick, it may as well be bright, especially if it's from MAC'. But something happened around summertime last year and I became obsessed with finding 'the perfect nude'.


17 February 2015

Must Read | Berlin Street Style...

One thing I love to collect is what I would call, 'display books'. You know, the beautifully decorated, hard back, often slightly larger than average books that have fab content, in my case usually pertaining to style, beauty or culture, but also look great on the coffee table, bookshelf or even in the hallway if you have one.


1 February 2015

Save or splurge...

It's a pretty well known fact these days that high street beauty brand Bourjois, is owned by high end, connoisseurs of the coveted, Chanel. And in that comes a host of similarities that we can draw between products; most notably the scent, but there is also a great deal of similarity between colours, formulas and finishes.

28 January 2015

Three Favs | Facial Oils...

It's the time of year when the old reliable skincare routine tends to need an injection of a little something extra. Depending on how extravagant you tend to be in your regular routine this could be in the form of serums, masks or the indulgent facial oil.
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